2023 June

Preferred Engineering Main Steam Line Plugs in Action

If you look close, you can see Preferred Main Steam Line Plugs in action! Great job Columbia!  Preferred Engineering’s Main Steam Line Plugs (MSLP) have been in use since the mid 1990’s. Trusted by over 12 sites to isolate their steam lines during refueling outages and facilitate MSIV maintenance and testing. Designed for easy and efficient installation our MSL Plugs cut […]

Nuclear Outage Clockwork: Minimum Downtime with Main Steam Line Plug

Made in the U.S.A., 🇺🇸 The Preferred Engineering Main Steam Line Plugs allow for quick, hassle-free installations with the minimum dose and maximum outage success. Designed for easy, efficient, and reliable installation, the MSL Plugs cut critical path time significantly and reduce dose. The Preferred Engineering MSL Plugs allow inboard MSIV testing in the direction of flow, performing all […]

Safety Check: Multi Reactor Reliability by Special Combustion

Made in the U.S.A. Preferred’s Special Combustion Division (PSCE) is providing a specialized product manufacturer with a critical reliability ignition system for their multi reactor combustors. These (13) Pilot Ignition Carts address a very specific need for what is part of an overall plant specific SIL (Safety Integrity Level) system. Preferred continues to provide our customers with innovative solutions […]

Duct Burner: Expertise in Special Combustion Solutions

Made in the U.S.A. 🇺🇸 Preferred’s Special Combustion Engineering (PSCE) group designed a duct burner system for a discerning customer. In this application, PSCE got turbine exhaust gas at 135,888 lbs/hr and with supplemental duct burner firing to generate over 20,000 PPH Steam from the Superior Boiler Works Waste Heat Boiler. NOx Emissions below 17 PPM and CO Emissions […]

Representative Network Expanded to Central America

Read the Press Release here! Preferred has expanded our representative network outside of the United States! EQUIGAS | SETEC in Costa Rica will be Preferred’s first Central American representative for our fuel oil handling, instrumentation & controls, and combustion system solutions. We are committed to high-technology solutions, expedited response times, and more robust support and economical retrofit availability for our projects and customers. We […]

Preferred Utilities FSC-120 Controller Approved for Overfill Prevention by Florida DEP

Made in the U.S.A., Preferred demonstrates a commitment to safety and to protecting the environment by receiving Florida State DEP Approval on the Fuel System FSC-120 Controller for Overfill Prevention. Read more on the Fuel System FSC-120 Controller here. We are pleased to announce that the FSC-120 has been approved for overfill prevention by the Florida Department of […]

Opposed Blade Damper vs. Single Blade Butterfly Damper: Technical Benefits for Flow Control

When it comes to flow control in ducting systems, choosing the right damper design is crucial. Two common options are the opposed blade damper and the single blade butterfly damper. Here’s an explanation of the technical benefits offered by an opposed blade damper compared to a single blade butterfly damper: Improved Control Range: Opposed Blade Damper: The opposed blade damper design features multiple blades that move in opposite directions, […]