Efficiency and Safety: Boiler Control Upgrade

A recent project transformed three firetube boilers with a complete control system upgrade, focusing on efficiency, safety, and reliability. Preferred’s advanced BurnerMate Universal (BMU) controllers set a new standard for boiler performance.

Efficiency and Safety Upgrade:

The BMU full boiler control system provided many advancements to the system, not only in efficiency but also in safety. Notable features include advanced flame safeguard troubleshooting capabilities, with parallel annunciation accommodating up to 48 individual safety limits. The lockout snapshot data log provides an overview, helping with troubleshooting and preventive maintenance.

Fuel Efficiency and Turndown:

The project achieved a remarkable increase in fuel efficiency and burner turndown, thanks to several features that come standard with the BMU controller. The FD fan Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) optimizes the combustion process, while stack O2 trim and draft control efficiency features contribute to a finely tuned system. This not only saves on cost but also aligns with sustainability goals.

Opacity Monitoring System:

Each boiler received an additional upgrade with Preferred’s JC-30D2-EZ opacity monitoring system. This engineering solution introduces one-touch calibration and auto-ranging capabilities, streamlining monitoring and accurate opacity measurements. The result is greater operational visibility and compliance with environmental regulations.


The integration of BurnerMate Universal controllers and the JC-30D2-EZ opacity monitoring system showcases a dedication to efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility. As industries continue to prioritize sustainable practices and operational excellence, this project sets a benchmark for comprehensive boiler control upgrades.

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