NYC Schools Pressure Atomized Combustion

At our newest site in the NYC school system, Preferred converted their burners to (4) Preferred API-AF pressure atomized burners with Preferred’s BurnerMate Universal control systems and opacity monitors.

Pressure atomization depends on the oil pressure inside the nozzle tip to spray a fine mist of oil, very similar to a spray bottle. The micronized oil droplets are flung into the burner head, where they are thoroughly mixed with the combustion air and ignited. The turndown ratio for a pressure atomizing burner is normally only 3:1 or 4:1. Preferred has developed, designed and manufactured a 5:1 turndown, pressure-atomized API-AF burner. For more on a pressure atomization vs. air atomization, Read This!

The API-AF also features low emissions and electric efficiencies that translate into significant savings in places where electricity prices are high. It also includes increased efficiency options with VFD for control of FD fan speed, resulting in significant electrical reductions, regardless of the type of fuel burned.

This site also plans to integrate the Preferred Cloud Remote Monitoring Platform. This platform offers three levels of encrypted, secure, and continuous monitoring and analytics on equipment, and can recommend cost saving and preventative maintenance options to reduce downtime and emergency service. Watch the Video Here!

Preferred has been working in the NYC schools since the 1960s and we have burners still installed from that era.

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