PE Jet Pump Plug

Made in the U.S.A. Preferred Engineering Jet Pump Plugs assembled, tested, and ready for action!

These plugs are specifically designed to seal the nozzle of a jet pump mixer opening in a BWR nuclear power plant. Actuated mechanically and designed for easy installation with a light duty handling pole, these plugs give our customers peace of mind during the hectic times of refuel outages at their nuclear facilities. Our Jet Pump Plugs are seismically qualified and are provided as Safety Related isolation barriers.

The Preferred Engineering Jet Pump Plugs are complimented by an air challenge tool which quantifiably verifies that the plug is making a complete seal on the nozzle. This feature significantly reduces the time of installation by eliminating the tedious process of visually confirming the seal placement on the nozzle(s).

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